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About-original-Crop-1As a kid, I loved running through cornfields with my dog Cindy and swimming in every pond I could find.

After college, I worked in the ad world, writing copy to sell everything from chewing gum to truck transmissions. I loved the creative process, but in the end the job made me sick. So I went to grad school and got a degree in counseling, something I was attracted to without really knowing why.

I started working as a psychotherapist. After about a year, I realized that although therapy could be very helpful, it was also very limited.

About that time, a friend of mine loaned me the book “At The Speed Of Life,” by Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks. I felt shifts in my body as I read it. I knew that their body-centered approach to transformation was not only what I wanted for my own evolution, but also how I wanted to work with others.

I spent the next six years training intensively with Gay & Katie. It was exhilarating. From them, I learned how we can each use awareness, breathing, movement and more to shift out of self-limiting patterns and into new creative possibilities.

It was also through them that I was introduced to the outrageous idea that it was possible to rewire our nervous systems for more creativity and love every day. And I learned many powerful practices for making it possible.

My life changed in ways I hadn’t imagined. And many of the people I was working with as personal coach also made remarkable changes in their lives. Sometimes very quickly.

Still, I wanted more. I trained and then taught for several years at TIBIA (Transformational Intuitive Bodywork In Action) Massage School where I immersed myself in the hands-on study of how the nervous system responds to awareness and touch.

Around that time, I came across research by leading-edge neuroscientists showing something extraordinary — that the actual structure and functioning of the nervous system can change in response to new sensory experience.

My own evolution and the work I was doing with clients now made sense on a neurobiological level. By providing ourselves with specific types of new sensory input, we were evolving our nervous systems and changing our lives in profound ways.

Today, nothing is more exciting to me than evolution. And nothing is more fun than evolving with others who also want to see how much creativity, happiness and love they can experience in their lives.

Bodymind Evolution is my passion. It’s an expression of my essence and the most satisfying way I’ve found to celebrate my life on earth.

I live with my wife June just outside of Madison, Wisconsin.

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