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I work with people who love to learn and grow

Often they’ve worked with a therapist or life coach. They go to classes and workshops and may have a yoga or meditation practice. They love to read self-help books and learn ways to be more conscious, happier and more successful.

But they still find themselves repeating self-defeating patterns in their relationships and lives. They have doubts about themselves and where they’re going that sometimes keep them up at night. They long for something more and may even be losing hope that they can be truly happy.

Maybe you’re one of these people. You know deep down inside that there’s more to who you are. But you’re still putting the brakes on yourself and your life without knowing why.

It may be because you have personas and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and limiting the possibilities of your life. These operate outside of your awareness and are held in place by neural patterns in your nervous system.

Personas and limiting beliefs can overshadow your essence and only allow you to perceive a fraction of the world that’s available to you. They can cause you to unconsciously restrict the amount of creativity, happiness, love and money you experience in your life.

Your personas aren’t bad or wrong in any way. The development of each persona was an act of self-love that allowed you to cope with life when you were young. But as an adult, your personas no longer work for you in the ways they once did. Instead, they can cause you to repeat patterns that leave you feeling stressed-out, unfulfilled and disconnected from other people.

Until they’re brought into awareness and changed on a neurological level, your personas and limiting beliefs can continue to limit your evolution in life.

Bodymind Evolution is a natural way to change your neural patterning so that you’re free to be who you are and create the life you really want.

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