The Four Fear-Melters
How To Shift From Fear To Flow

Wed. Sept. 20, 6:15p-7:30p
One N. Pinckney
Madison, WI 53703

When you’re afraid, you contract. You hold you breath. You can’t think clearly. Other people look distant or threatening. Choices and possibilities disappear. You feel stuck.

The Four Fear-Melters are simple ways you can shift out of fear and back into your full resourcefulness and flow again — so you can respond effectively and creatively in any situation.

During this fun, interactive session you’ll discover:

• Why you can’t think your way out of fear
• How you react – fight, flight, freeze, faint — when you feel afraid
• How to recognize and easily shift out of your fear reactions on-the-spot
• How to shift from fear to flow with anyone, anytime, anywhere

Everyone is welcome. There’s no fee for this event.



Transform Stress, Enhance Your Relationships &
Create What You Really Want

Free Intro Night: Tue. Sept. 6

7-Session series: Tue. Sept. 20 – November 1

Location: Threshold, 2717 Atwood Ave. Madison, WI 53704

$225/$195 when registered by Sept. 10 (Cancellation policy: 90% refund if canceled by Mar. 1, 50% after Mar. 1)

To register online, go to:

To register without an additional online registration fee, send a check to: Greg Newman, 45 Wood Brook Way, Fitchburg WI 53711


You are made of more than 37 trillion cells filled with innate wisdom. Being able to access and apply your whole-body intelligence — rather than using your intellect alone — can make a huge difference in your effectiveness, your well-being, and your ability to bring your dreams into reality.

When you’re in touch with your whole-body intelligence you feel more confident and connected. You think more clearly and creatively. You’re more emotionally intelligent and you’re able to relate with others more easily and genuinely. This allows you to create what you really want in your life.

In this series, you’ll learn valuable skills you can use lifelong to:

• Listen and respond to the signals and cues from your body

• Experience a deeper connection with yourself and others

• Transform stress, fear and other difficult emotions

• Change self-sabotaging beliefs stored in your body

• Make decisions and solve problems with greater ease

• Create what you really want in your relationships and life

Awakening Your Whole-Body Intelligence

We’ve inherited a 2000+ year human legacy that has taught us to deny, be ashamed of and even fear what we feel in our bodies.

When you’re disconnected from your body’s intelligence, unconscious habits and patterns take over. These drain your energy and cause physical and emotional stress. Your health, relationships and work suffer. Reconnecting with your whole-body intelligence is the solution.

In this session, you’ll learn:

How you were taught to disconnect from your body and it’s wisdom

How to make a new commitment to your whole-body intelligence

The simple body awareness practice that awakens the intelligence in your cells

How to tune in to your key body sensation — and what it’s communicating to you

What Your Body Is Telling You

In your body, there are threes specific zones — upper back and neck, chest and throat, and stomach area — that give you essential information about what you’re feeling and what you need.

These zones speak to you through sensations. Ignoring or failing to notice these sensations can cost you your health and happiness. Being aware of these sensations — and the needs they communicate — allows you to create what you really want in your relationships and life.

In this session you’ll learn:

The cost of ignoring your anger, fear, sadness and longing — and why your body wants you to know what you feel

The three main feeling zones of your body — and the specific sensations through which they speak to you

The crucial needs your feeling zones communicate to you — and how to meet those needs in your life

How to use your body sensations and feelings to communicate more clearly and genuinely in your close relationships

Uncovering Your Essence & Befriending Your Personas

You were born connected with the whole-body intelligence of your essence — who you really are. But as a child you developed personas — or false selves — in order to cope and survive.

These personas — such as perfectionist, people-pleaser, critic, control freak, caretaker, or loner — overshadow your essence and separate you from your whole-body intelligence. They limit your awareness, breathing, movement and self-expression — and cause you to relate with others in stressful, unsatisfying ways.

By identifying and befriending your personas, you can reconnect with your whole-body intelligence and live from your essence again.

In this session, you’ll learn:

The personas you formed to cope as a child — and how they unconsciously restrict you in your life and relationships today

How your essence feels in your body — and allows your self-expression and happiness to expand

How you can shift from persona to essence in any moment — for more creativity, love and fun

How to use the positive aspects of your personas — without getting trapped in their limitations

Transforming Your Stress & Fear

Our bodies aren’t designed to handle the amount of stress we’re experiencing in our rapidly-changing, unpredictable world. The more stress you feel, the more likely you are to be overwhelmed by fear and other troublesome feelings.

Fear causes you to contract. You quickly lose touch with your body’s deep intelligence. You can’t think clearly and choices and possibilities disappear.

Having reliable skills you can use to release stress and fear — and reconnect with your flow of whole-body intelligence on-the-spot — allows you to respond creatively to anything while being as healthy as you can be.

In this session, you’ll learn:

How to recognize and address the first signs of stress in your body

How to use your awareness, breath and movement to release stress from your body as it appears

The Four Fear Melters — simple, powerful moves that allow you to shift from fear to flow in any situation

An advanced practice for transforming fear, anger, sadness and other upsetting feelings

Moving Into Clarity & Creativity

Research shows that lack of movement or moving in habitual patterns creates physical and mental stress. It also prevents the formation of new neural connections in our brains and bodies that lead to new possibilities in our lives.

Research also shows that simple changes in posture and movement allow us to feel better, think more clearly, be more effective and discover new possibilities in whatever we’re doing.

Knowing how to shift and move your body in ways that open your flow of whole-body intelligence can enhance every aspect of your life.

In this session, you’ll learn:

Why automatic, habitual movements lead to low energy, feeling stuck and a loss of creativity

How to make simple changes in your posture and movement — for more aliveness, creativity and flow

How to make decisions more easily — by recognizing your inner body signals for “yes” and “no”

Ways to use your whole-body intelligence to get unstuck and move forward in your life

Transforming Your Self-Sabotaging Beliefs

Your body holds cellular memories of everything you’ve experienced in your life. Some of those experiences may have caused you to create beliefs which are unconsciously sabotaging you in your life today.

Beliefs such as “I’m not smart enough,” “I need to stay small to stay safe,” “If I get close to someone, I’ll be abandoned,” can cause you to think, feel and act in ways that keep you stuck. Until these beliefs are brought into awareness and changed, they can keep you from creating what you really want in your relationships and life.

In this session, you’ll learn:

How you absorbed and created self-sabotaging beliefs as a child

How and where your self-sabotaging beliefs are stored in your body

How to change the self-sabotaging beliefs that limit your relationships and life

How to embody new beliefs for your full happiness and evolution

Solving Your Upper Limits Problem

Each of us has an inner thermostat setting for how much happiness, love, money and success we allow ourselves to experience. When we go past that limit, we unconsciously do something to sabotage/bring ourselves down so we feel more secure.

Upper limits behaviors include worrying, criticizing, creating conflict or drama, getting sick or having an accident, to doing something else to bring yourself back down to a more familiar level.

Until you’re able to identify and change your upper limits behaviors, you’ll only experience a fraction of the happiness, creativity and success that’s possible for you.

In this session, you’ll learn:

How you were taught to stop yourself from feeling good

How to identify your upper limits behaviors — the ways you bring yourself down when you’re expanding in happiness and success

How to shift your upper limits — and continue expanding in happiness and success

How to use your whole-body intelligence to create more of what you really want


This series includes didactic, individual/dyad/group experiential processes, discussion, and breath and movement activities.

The series includes e-mail contact with Greg and the other participants between sessions to assist you in practicing and embodying the skills in your day-to-day life.

To register for the series, go to

To register without an additional online registration fee, send a check to: Greg Newman, 45 Wood Brook Way, Fitchburg WI 53711

Questions? Contact Greg at (608) 770-4633 or

Gregory Newman, M.S., L.M.T. is the creator of Bodymind Evolution ( He has been a student and facilitator of Whole-Body Intelligence for more than 20 years. His work is based on his experience in thousands of sessions as a body-centered personal and relationship coach, massage therapist/bodyworker and group facilitator.

What past participants say:

“This has been life-changing for me. I now have tools to move forward and move through each experience of life. I’m able to listen to and be in tune with my body. The possibilities are endless.”


“I have a greater appreciation for what my body has to tell me and teach me. And how memory of past events, beliefs and attitudes can be released — and replaced with a new awareness of myself and how I interact with the world.”


“It was so good. I was able to make the connection between my body, my feelings and my mind. Being able to practice the skills in the sessions and take them into my life was very helpful.”


“I found myself somewhat overwhelmed by the concentration of insight and wisdom all happening so quickly. The series inspired new thinking, space and trust for evolving into a future of potential and connection. Thank you for sharing this work. I’ve always known there is so much more we are capable of.”


“I appreciated how you provided very clear and concise learning points, then offered exercises to ground these ideas into practice. I appreciated your light and friendly style of teaching, and your passion for and example of living what you teach.”


“I’m more in my body and less in my head. I’m more in tune with my thoughts and emotions and have the power to acknowledge and change them rather than being “run” by them. I can become calmer more quickly and “trust my gut” more.”


“The whole-body intelligence series was great for me. I would recommend it to anyone that is looking to further their self discovery.”



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