How BME Works

Neurons that fire together wire together

How BME WorksNeural patterns are collections of neurons that fire together to create certain experiences. As neurons fire together, they form networks in your nervous system.

The more neurons fire together, the more networks they create. The more entrenched those networks become in your nervous system, the more likely the neurons are to continue firing together and creating similar experiences.

When your persona-based networks are more active than your essence-based networks, you continue to repeat patterns that leave you feeling unfulfilled in your life.

The problem

Your personas and limiting beliefs operate outside of your awareness.

Without your being consciously aware of it, they cause you to limit yourself in your relationships, career and the rest of your life.

The more deeply your personas and limiting beliefs are wired into your nervous system, the more likely you are to experience a loss of creativity, unhappiness, and even physical or psychological symptoms.

For most people, this is where their evolution ends. Without knowing it, they continue to activate and deepen the persona-based neural networks that limit their happiness, creativity and well-being.

It’s a repeating cycle that can last a lifetime.

A solution

Extensive research in neuroscience has shown that the nervous system has the ability to change in response to new sensory experience. The term for this is “neuroplasticity.”

Bodymind Evolution allows you to use the principle of neuroplasticity to rewire your nervous system in new, life-enhancing ways.

You do so by bringing your awareness to what is occurring in your “bodymind” in the form of thoughts, feelings and body sensations. As you do, you can bring into consciousness the personas and limiting beliefs that are overshadowing your essence.

Bringing consciousness to your personas activates your essence-based neural networks. You can then provide your nervous system with other specific types of new sensory input which allow your essence-based neural networks to branch out, and your persona-based networks to diminish.

During this process, your limiting beliefs can be experientially and neurologically updated to empowering ways of experiencing yourself and the world around you.

The benefits

As your essence-based networks expand, your experience of yourself and your life can change in profound ways.

  • Instead of feeling fragmented, you feel whole again
  • You’re more loving with yourself and others
  • A feeling of well-being permeates your experience, even when faced with the challenges of life
  • You’re able use your personas in ways that serve you, without getting caught in their limitations
  • You find yourself laughing often and having more fun
  • No longer trapped in your limiting beliefs, you’re free to create your life any way you like

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