More About Bodymind Evolution

The origins

Abstract background with connected line and dotBodymind Evolution is based on my experiences in over 20 years of practice as a body-centered personal and relationship coach, and massage therapist/bodyworker.

It draws from my extensive training with bodymind integration pioneers Drs. Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks, and the pioneering work of Ron Kurtz, Moshe Feldenkrais and others.

BME also draws from leading-edge research in neuroscience, quantum physics, systems theory and consciousness expansion.

Bodymind Evolution is a new paradigm

BME is not counseling, psychotherapy or coaching. It’s a new paradigm of transformation that celebrates your wholeness and ability to be the source of your own evolution.

BME sessions are a collaboration between equals on the evolutionary path.

BME is a natural complement to counseling, psychotherapy, yoga and meditation practices, 12-step work, and alternative and traditional health care and therapies.

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