Bodymind Evolution Sessions

A safe, loving space for your evolution

BME sessions offer you caring, one-to-one assistance for evolving in the ways that are most meaningful to you.

Using mindful awareness and the other Essentials, we collaborate to gently uncover the personas and limiting beliefs that have been wired into your nervous system by your experiences of life.

These operate outside of your awareness and cause you to repeat self-defeating patterns in your life.

As we bring awareness to your personas and limiting beliefs in a compassionate way, we provide your nervous system with new sensory input that it uses to create new neural connections inside of you.

These new neural connections allow you to feel your essence and move into your full evolution in life.

How a session works

You choose what to explore. It could be a pattern in your life that’s keeping you stuck, or some area of your life where you’re already evolving and want to expand further.

Instead of continuing to talk in ordinary conversation, I assist you in shifting your attention into a more mindful state of awareness, where you can begin to explore the concern or theme in an experiential way.

As you become mindful of your experience, you become aware of body sensations, thoughts, feelings, restrictions in breathing and other aspects of your experience that typically remain outside of your awareness.

By “being with” these aspects of your experience in a non-judgmental way, you can discover the personas and limiting beliefs from which they emerge. Together, we befriend and study these aspects of yourself to discover how they’re causing you to limit yourself and act in ways that no longer serve you.

During your session, I’m bringing mindful awareness to your experience and dialoguing with you as needed to assist you in your self-study. Being present with you in this way allows me to collaborate with you to provide your nervous system with new sensory input that allows your experience to change in new ways.

The last part of each session is devoted to creating ways to integrate your new experience into your daily life.

A focus on ease

Most of us have been taught to try harder and push more to create change. But doing so limits the ability of the nervous system to change.

Bodymind Evolution is a light-hearted process based in easefulness, curiosity, discovery and play. These attitudes allow neurological and life changes to happen in the easiest, most far-reaching ways.

Bodymind Evolution is a learning process

Although you can experience benefits right away, BME is a process that deepens with practice over time. During each session you’re learning and embodying the Essentials, which allow you to be the source of your evolution in your day-to-day life.

With easeful daily attention to rewiring yourself with the Essentials, you continue to branch out the neural networks of your essence. Eventually, you’ll find yourself living in your essence most of the time, and being able to make use of your personas in conscious, effective ways.

Services & fees

Sessions take place at my office, over-the-phone or by Skype and are approximately one-hour long. Ninety-minute sessions are available.

The fee for each one-hour session is $90. Each ninety-minute session is $135.

To begin, I ask for a commitment to a series of three sessions. At the end of your third session, we’ll discuss where you’d like to go from there.

The next step

Contact me to schedule a fee-free, 20-minute conversation to answer your questions about BME.

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