The Nine Essentials For Bodymind Evolution

BME is composed of nine specific types of sensory input

The Nine EssentialsThese gentle, yet powerful practices can be used to activate and expand your essence-based neural networks. This allows your persona-based neural networks to diminish and reconfigure into your essence.

By combining the Essentials with one another, your can expand your number of new essence-based neural connections exponentially.

When the neural networks that hold your personas and limiting beliefs do get activated, any of the Essentials allow you to shift back into your essence again.

As you embody the Essentials, you can take your evolution and life as far as you want to go.


Bringing non-judgmental attention to your feelings, thoughts, body sensations, breathing, perception of yourself and others, and other aspects of your experience. When you become aware of your experience, you are no longer operating from within the neural networks of your personas. You’re operating from your essence-based networks and allowing them to expand.


Breathing with your thoughts, feelings, movement and all other aspects of your experience. The neural patterns of your personas and limiting beliefs are held in place by holding your breath or breathing shallowly. Breathing in a soft, full, good-feeling way nourishes your cells and allows the neural networks of your essence to expand.


Personas and their neural patterns are held in place by automatic, habitual movement or lack of movement. Bringing awareness, variation and creativity to your movement allows your nervous system to invent new essence-based possibilities in the way you think, feel and live.


The events or circumstances that caused your personas to form were likely accompanied by an absence of love. Someone failed to provide love for you in the first place or withdrew their love from you at a time you really needed it. Loving yourself allows your essence-based networks to expand while expanding your ability to love.


The events or circumstances that caused your personas to form were likely accompanied by an absence of loving touch, or involved unhealthy touch. Allowing yourself to enjoy healthy, good-feeling touch activates your essence-based neural networks and allows them to expand in new ways.


When you’re eager to learn about yourself, life becomes a wonderful journey of discovery and adventure. Your openness to learning allows you to experience yourself and the world in new ways, which allows your essence-based networks to expand.


Allowing yourself to feel good. As you savor thoughts, feelings, body sensations, sights, sounds and other experiences that please you, your nervous system creates new essence-based neural connections for more happiness and pleasure in your life.


Taking steps to support your new neural connections and express your essence in your everyday life. By doing so, you deepen your experience of essence in everything you do.


Playing and having fun creates new neural connections for your essence and evolution in life. As your essence-based networks expand, you move through the world in playful, creative ways.

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