What Others Say:

Greg helped me discover the power of being alive in my body, in this time, in my own way. Excited, loving, alive — Here I am!

Julia Mossbridge M.A., PH.D.

Cognitive Neuroscientist, Director Of Innovation Lab, Institute Of Noetic Sciences

Greg’s facilitation will yield dividends for me for the rest of my life. I am basking in the joy of being released from the tyranny of my personas. I know they are not gone and that is good, but their shadow energy will never have the control over my essence that it once had. I cannot ever remember feeling so free.

John Norman

University Professor

Greg is sensitive and respectful. He listens to my needs, is intuitively present with my feelings and emotions. Greg is able to hold a safe space for my healing of body, mind and spirit.

Ruthann Corrao, L.C.S.W.


I learned how to easily step out of my pattern of conflict with my partner and into the closeness, intimacy and trust that I’ve always wanted. Greg made the entire process seem effortless.

Gigi Verrey

Financial Advisor

Greg lives what he teaches — that by expressing who we are, we naturally create that which we most deeply desire. I encourage you to take advantage of his ability to support you and your well-being on a graceful journey of transformation.

Alexandra Merrin

Former Director/ Hendricks Institute Supervision Program

I’ve made major shifts in my neural pathways. I feel so much more alive and open to new experiences. I’m moving through the world in a different way. When I look into the mirror my eyes are sparkling. Bodymind Evolution was a catalyst to all of this.

Tim Connors


Our work with Greg has been invaluable. He has helped us create pathways to peace and has given us new tools to create as much positive energy in our lives as we choose to. Greg is both skillful and inspiring as a facilitator and a human being.

Lila Jorgensen & Tom Mrozek

Health Care Professional & Entrepreneur

Greg creates a space to expand into, a space that’s safe to “be” in and explore who we are and what level of unawareness we are carrying…a lot of growth in a very short time frame.

Gary Leverington

Research Director

Greg and I created a safe space in which I could clarify and feel the truth of my issues, take responsibility for them and come up with new creative solutions. He has the refined ability to be gently and wholly present, responding to one’s words, body language, emotions and energy with acceptance, appreciation and insight. I highly recommend him.

Richard Johnson

ADA Coordinator

This is a fresh, innovative, powerful approach. Greg was able to facilitate my discovery of solutions and possibilities on many new levels.

Laurie Heyl L.C.S.W.


I’m rediscovering a sense of joy and wonder…and gaining skills to interact with others, and maintain my personal integrity. My relationships with family and friends have deepened, and I landed a business contract for a project I’ve been wanting to do for over 20 years. I’m discovering my personal vision and the courage to pursue it.

John Hagstrand

Software Development Consultant

Greg’s honesty, presence, integrity and support as a facilitator created a powerful and unique experience for me. I felt the safety and trust that I needed to be open, honest and vulnerable, and to engage in the process 100%. I felt different after each session. I learned something profound about myself and am energized and empowered as a result.


I can’t believe how quickly I was able to make some very important life decisions. I continue to use the skills I learned on a daily basis.

Leah M. Gasset


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